6 Most Fun Things for Families in San Tan Valley

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It is often hard to find activities to do as a family that don’t somehow destroy the entire family budget. While every kid wants to go to Disneyland, that just can’t reasonably fit into a weekly entertainment budget. If yours is like most families, you need some way to get the energy out of your kids while also giving them fun and enriching experiences, preferably ones that are easy to pay for. Here are 6 of the most fun things for families in San Tan Valley.


This isn’t the most conventional family activity, but hey! Who wants conventional when you can buy and eat an entire turkey leg? The Arizona Renaissance fair runs from mid-February until the first of April. Food of all kinds, as well as games, jousting tournaments and live performances are available at the fair, so give it a shot this year!


Sure, when you think about doing this, you should probably be a touch more prepared than Clark Griswold was during his trek. Taking the time to get in touch with nature will do wonders for building not only your children’s character, but your own. You’ll at the very least be aware of how much water you drink. Learning is half the battle!


Similar in function to hiking the desert, but quite a bit more exciting. These Jeep and four-wheeler tours are sure to be as exciting as they are informative. Explore areas that you’ve likely never seen before in a light that reveals their beauty. More importantly, you can set your own plans – how long the adventure lasts and where it takes you.


Sure, this one is mostly for dad, odd though it seems that every dad loves golf. Maybe it’s something in the water. At any rate San Tan Valley is host to Queen Creek Golf Course, a championship course with a par 70 for the entire thing – that’s no easy feat. After your day of golf and struggling to get your ball across the two running streams, unwind at the Ironwood Grille. Ready to serve up more than a delicious meal but a spectacular view of the course. Time it right and you may take in a gorgeous sunset.


Here’s the hard truth. San Tan Valley is in a desert, and whether anyone wants it or not, there comes a time when all you need to do is cool off. When that time inevitably comes there are a remarkably high number of water parks to explore. From Founder’s Park Splash Pad for a more casual experience, to Big Surf or Oasis Water Park if you need more of a trip. The options are diverse and something to check out when the air starts to burn.


If you need something a little more rustic, there is always a visit to Schnepf farms, just ten-minute north of San Tan Valley. This recent agro-tourism destination allows you to pick your own organic fruit and vegetables, buy fresh baked breads from the bakery, and meet a farm animal or two at the petting zoo. Whatever your farm related dream, Schnepf farms can help you fulfill it.

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