Best Methods for Storing Canvas

Whether you’re a budding artist or you have an extensive art collection, most of the pieces you own are likely presented on canvas. This material is durable and a popular palette for everything from oil paints to acrylic. If you own canvas artwork and need to store it, it’s extremely important to do so with care. Before you stash your artwork somewhere, be sure to read these helpful tips that will keep your canvas art pieces safe and protected.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Keep all your canvas artwork out of direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can cause your paintings to fade, and the sun can also break the strength of the canvas down. Over time, your artwork will become fragile and the colors could be less vibrant. This applies not only to storage but also when you display the artwork in your home.

Store the Canvas Upright

If you stack your canvases horizontally, it can cause the canvas to loosen and sag over time. Never lie your canvas artwork on a flat surface, but instead keep each piece stored in an upright position. If you lay them flat, you might start to see impressions from the stretcher bars show on the canvas’s surface. Keeping the pieces upright will also keep dust and other debris from settling on the artwork. It’s also a helpful way to maximize available storage space.

Keep Canvas in a Cool, Dry Place

No, a fridge is probably a bit unnecessary, but moisture can wreak havoc on canvas art pieces and can cause mold and mildew to grow. Once mold is on your canvas, it’s almost impossible to remove. Heat is another common issue since it can make the canvas expand and contract, causing it to warp and stretch. Store your canvas art in a cool, dry place away from humidity and moisture. A climate-controlled storage space is an excellent solution.

Avoid Storing Canvas on the Floor

If you lay your canvas pieces on the floor, they’re vulnerable to all kinds of damage. Anything from spills to pests can come into contact with the canvas, wreaking havoc on the art. If you must store canvas this way, use pieces of lumber to create a small lift that helps them avoid direct contact with the floor. You can also look for a handy canvas rack storage system to keep your artwork neatly stored off of the floor.

Protect Your Canvas with Cloth

To preserve your canvas art pieces, cover each one with a light cloth. You can use anything including an old sheet, as long as it fully covers the piece. When you use a cloth to cover your canvas, it prevents dust, cobwebs, and grime from building up and settling. This applies not only to storage but also if you plan to stash some canvas in your closet.

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