Big Savings in a Tiny Home

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Living in a house can be incredibly expensive and inconvenient. Every time guests come over you clean from top to bottom. Every week you’re out mowing a massive lawn. The heating and electric bills don’t pay for themselves. Sometimes you just want a cheaper option, but don’t want to go back to sharing walls with a neighbor. Thankfully there is an option out there just for you! Tiny houses! These bite-sized homes are the latest craze in economic living, so let’s talk about some of the great things about tiny house living.

They Are Cheap to Build

Everyone’s needs are different, and so every tiny house is different. Customized tiny houses can be built from anywhere between $19,000 to $50,000 depending on sizes, appliances, and finishes that you want in your new home. Compare this to the price of buying, let alone building, a new home and the savings are already there.

They Are Easy to Clean

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Because these spaces are so small, they are easy to clean. More to the point, because fewer things can fit in the space, there are fewer things that need to be picked up. Not quite ready to part with your belongings? That’s totally fair! Most tiny home owners get a self-storage unit to store the things they need, but what they don’t need right now. Winter clothes or seasonal decorations as prime examples of things that you may not want using up space in your new tiny home. Find storage near you today!

It Can Come with You

Got annoying neighbors? New job offers across town? Just want a different view? Pack up your house and leave. Like bring the house with you. If you built your tiny house on wheels, it’s as easy as hitching it up to the back of a truck and bringing it wherever you want to be. Want a lakefront view in the summer and a mountain view in the winter? With your tiny home, that can be achieved easily. Well, imagining you live/work near mountain views and a lake. Your tiny home will not create new geography for you.

Low Environmental Impact

Tiny house on wheels

That house your building? It’s small. Why not build it out of recycled, repurposed or salvaged material? This might cut the already low cost of your new home a little more, it’ll certainly ad some character to your home and you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. But wait. There’s more you can do.

Even Lower Environmental Impact

Your electric and heating costs can be cut functionally in at least half, maybe deeper depending on your living situation prior. Want to live completely off the grid? No electric wires or gas lines going to your house? You can have that. Because we are talking about a space no bigger than 600 square feet, you can easily power it with a couple of solar panels. You can heat it with a propane heater. Install a rainwater catch and a decent filtration system, and you’ve got water. At the drop of a hat you can pack up your house and go anywhere in the world.

As if there weren’t enough reasons to consider a tiny house, the low cost – and consistently low cost over time – and decreased environmental impact might be enough to push you over the edge. Who could blame you? Get ahead of the curve, and live the tiny house lifestyle.

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