Camping Mistakes to Avoid

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If you love nature and the great outdoors, camping is a fantastic summer vacation option. From your local RV park to a huge National Park, camping is a wonderful way to spend time outside and really experience everything that the natural world has to offer. Before you head out to your next camping trip, there are some important mistakes you should avoid that could potentially turn a wonderful experience into a disaster. Here are some tips that’ll ensure you avoid making these classic camping mistakes.

You Didn’t Make Reservations in Advance

During summer, many campgrounds become filled with visitors from all over the country and the world. A common mistake that some campers make is that they don’t make a reservation in advance. Although camping isn’t the same as staying in a hotel, it’s still always best to reserve yourself a spot ahead of time. You don’t want to travel all the way to a campground, only to find out that it’s full and you’ve missed out on the chance to enjoy your stay.

You Aren’t Weather-Ready

Since you will likely be in a tent, the weather is definitely something to consider when planning your camping trip. Even if you are RV camping, you should check the current weather conditions so you can be safe on the road. Summertime weather is often unpredictable, and heavy rains and thunderstorms can put a serious damper on your experience. Make sure you use waterproof tents to keep excess water from getting into your temporary home. You should also prepare for the hot sun by bringing sunglasses and sunscreen.

Meals Were Not Planned

Whether you plan to grill or cook on the fire, it’s always a good idea to plan out what you want to eat. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck either buying unhealthy snacks at the camp store or driving a long way to the nearest grocery store to stock up on food. Pack a large cooler so you can have everything ready for various meals. When RV camping, you have a little more leeway since you likely have a refrigerator, but it’s still a lot more convenient to be prepared ahead of time so you can relax and not stress about what everyone will eat.

You Didn’t Test Your Camping Equipment

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a campground only to find out your tent has a hole in it. Take a close look at all your camping equipment before you pack it up to check for any damage. Set your tent up in the backyard and look carefully for any rips, tears, or holes. This rule applies to other items like lanterns and cookstoves. Without proper testing, you could end up in the woods without the important gear you need to enjoy the experience. You should also check your first aid kit to make sure it has everything you need in case of a minor burn, bug bite, or injury.

From forgetting to make reservations to ignoring the weather, these common camping mistakes are easy to avoid. Follow these simple tips so you’re better prepared and you’ll be sure to enjoy your outdoor adventures.

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