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Securing Your Spare Keys

Old Rusted keys

It’s hardly uncommon to lose or forget your keys somewhere. Because of that, it’s worth having a back-up plan so you won’t have to suffer while waiting for someone to bring you a spare or the expense of having to…

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How Self-Storage Will Evolve

unlock using a smart phone

At a time when many jobs, products, and services are being “disrupted” by advanced technologies, it follows by implication that the self-storage industry will also evolve. Technological disruption in self-storage, however, is likely to yield exceptional benefits to the…

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Dos and dont’s for quilt storage

stack of folded quilts

Quilts are labors of love that are an expression of creativity and hours of hard work. Many families have quilts that have been passed down from generation to generation, making them heirlooms that should be treasured. If you…

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How to Store Your Bike for Long-Term Storage

Men riding their biccyles

Bikes make for convenient vehicles but inconvenient furniture. They barely qualify as coat racks, though they are often used as coat racks in my house. If you’re like me, then you’re sure to hit your shins on those…

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