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Why Room Share is Getting So Popular

rooommates in common room

You may have come across the term “room share” and wondered why it’s become so popular. You may also have a rough idea of what it means and are simply looking for more information. Chances are, this is…

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Putting Your Behind in the Past

cup of hot cocoa

Yes. I know that’s not the expression, it’s put the past behind you. I posit there is no fun in that. Today, we are going to talk about moving on and moving forward. Putting your past behind you….

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Storing the Holidays

super decorated house

It is finally time to stretch our legs a bit, and finally have the house to ourselves. No more guests constantly coming in, eating all the delicious and painstakingly made food. Now is also the time to start…

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How to Keep Up With Your Storage Needs

outdoor storage units

We previously discussed how to pick storage units for specific needs, but what we haven’t talked about are some of other reasons one might need to get a storage unit. Today we are going to make sure that…

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Organizing Your Holiday Space

Valuables on table

We have found a foolproof guide to making sure that all of your holiday goodies will be ready to go next holiday season. FINDING THE RIGHT UNIT Doesn’t make a lot of sense to just get either the…

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When to Clear Out a Storage Unit

falling boxes

We have talked about why you might need a storage unit, and we have also talked about how to organize your storage space. Now It is time to talk about the least fun aspect of storage, or life…

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We Came Together

little girl during holidays

Now is the time of families, of celebration and togetherness. Whatever your creed or faith, whatever your nation of origin or background, now is the time when families come together to celebrate. I sort of wish I knew…

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Take Back the Bedroom

messy bedroom

Ever wake up in the middle in the middle of the night, and need to go get a glass of water, and find yourself tripping over shoes and pants? Maybe that’s just me, I’ll own up; my bedroom…

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Home Make Over: Backyard Edition

backyard with green grass

Remember those old summer days? You’d run and play in the backyard, maybe hang in a hammock and look at the stars; catch fireflies in jars and be disappointed when they died after you didn’t poke holes in…

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Boosting Home Value with Outdoor Living

oudoor patio

When I was a kid, my neighbor got a pool and I remember asking my dad about it and he just said they were trying to boost the resale value of their home. Now I didn’t start my…

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