Feng Shui: What’s it Even Good For?

Steps to Declutter

Feng shui is derived from a Chinese tradition, translating not to, “rearrange your furniture randomly to achieve it,” but rather means flow. The words mean: wind (feng) and water (shui), referring to the natural flow of life and nature. The idea, when applied to interior design, simply means to arrange your furniture to maximize the natural flow of life; to make living a natural process, and such that each piece compliments everything around it. It doesn’t mean that you need to buy a water feature for your living room, or that your old arrangement was blocking your chakras or anything like that. Only that there are ways to better maximize the space that you already have, making the space seem bigger and make you feel more at home in it. So here are a few tips to maximize the feng shui in your living room.

Declutter the Space

Purging Garage

This should go without saying, but all that stuff that you have and keep saying you are going to throw away? The magazines piling on the coffee table, the sock that randomly found its way onto a bookshelf? They need to go. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to throw it away, but you might want to consider an organizational scheme that fits your home and lifestyle. That might mean tossing some of the older magazines that you have, or it might simply mean finding a new home for them.

Identify the Path of Least Resistance

Organised living room

If your living room and kitchen are close by, and you more often walk that route than from the living room to the front or back door, it makes sense for that route to be easily accessible. Clear the route of furniture so that you can most seamlessly transition from one room to another. The trick here is to try to have a single path that you can walk completely unobstructed around your entire home. You want to be able to easily navigate your home without fear of tripping over something or bumping into furniture. If you have a few too many pieces of furniture for a work around, it might be time to get some self-storage.

Consider a Lighter Color

Organized living room

If your living room is separated from a cave by dint of the fact it has air conditioning, one step you might want to take is to paint the walls a lighter color. This will make the space appear much larger and will make the room feel more alive. This won’t actually help with the clutter that exists around your home, but hey you already took care of the clutter. Right?

Natural Light is Good

Keeping the windows unobstructed is an amazing way to make a space feel bigger, because it “lets the outside in” so to speak. It extends the end of the room from where it ends to slightly outside. Add to the fact that natural light is a little more diffused than artificial light, it makes the living area feel so much more inviting. This is not an invitation to throw away all your lamps, you probably still need those. Just, open the blinds every now and again, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

If you are in the process of trying to increase the natural flow of your home, and realize that you need to get rid of a couch to do so, but aren’t quite ready to part with it forever check out Storage Solutions. There are plenty of storage units that will fit your couch while you try to sort out where the end tables should go. Come on down, give us visit.

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