Four Festivals to Look Forward to in Sun City

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Summer is upon us, that means students are finally free from the shackles of education and can run free unencumbered by the weight of responsibility. That’s the fanciest way to say that there are festivals on the horizon, many of which are great for all ages. If you need something to do with your family and you live in Sun City, or the greater Phoenix metro area, there are some festivals that you might like to know about. Without further ado, here are four festivals to look forward to in Sun City.

Graduation Party in the Park

While it might not be the teardown blow out that High School seniors are looking for, this is a great event for the whole family including pets! Taking place in Buckeye on May 18th, this event is free to attend. The only thing that would have to be paid for is any food from the food trucks, which will be plentiful, so it might make sense to plan on buying some food. Other than that, there is a free movie and free chair massages. That’s a good amount of free for graduation!

Cinco de Mayo Phoenix

It is still May, and so it is impossible to ignore Cinco de Mayo, and where better to celebrate the holiday than in Phoenix? This is more in line with the intense party and day filled with drinking than most of the other events on this list and comes with a hefty price tag of at least $10 per ticket. It might be wise to leave the children home or otherwise keep a watchful eye on them. This tends to be a busy and crowded event, plan accordingly and be prepared to walk for a good portion of the day – it may be well worth the cost to get an Uber to the city.

Snacky Snacks — Games and Snack Festival

This festival might be a bit specific, and catered more to the young, but it’s still cool. Billing itself as a small meal’s food festival, this event is tailor made for people with geeky interests. Snacky Snacks is also hosting a wide variety of games including tabletop, lawn, and video games. They are also hosting a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament. This is a great opportunity to meet people with some shared interests! While this is not a free event unlike those described above, with tickets starting at $8 with any snacks being an additional fee.

Arizona Dance Addiction

Arizona Dance Addiction is a great event for anyone interested in dance. This three-day event offers live performances and workshops on all different kinds of dance from around the globe. From salsa to zouk there is a little something for everyone. That includes dance therapy and other workshops to help show the healing power of dance and the beauty of self-expression. If that sounds awesome to you, tickets are on sale through the link above.

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