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I have written extensively on the growing metropolis of Phoenix, and while Glendale might want to fight me on this front, should Phoenix continue to grow the way that it has been it will begin to engulf the entire region. Before Phoenix accomplishes what appears to be its destiny, there are plenty of great suburban towns that have a lot to offer. Goodyear as a prime example. It is a suburb of Glendale, which is really itself a suburb of Phoenix, and offers plenty of great things for a family to do together. Here are just a few things that you might want to know about life in Goodyear, AZ.

There are Only Good Schools

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This is a bit of an exaggeration, because of course all schools are not created equally, but the school districts in Goodyear are awesome. Literally all of them are near top-tier situations. With greatschools.org giving each district an average of 8 or higher. I have written posts on a lot of places, and a lot of school districts. Usually, there is one, maybe two, districts that are impressive. This is impressive; there is a slant towards charter schools, and that is something that you should be aware of before moving, but all the schools are ranked roughly the same.

Community Park and Zoo are Awesome

There is this park, called the Goodyear Community Park, and it is awesome. This thing is freaking awesome! It has a little league field, two softball fields, splash pad, two volleyball courts, four tennis courts, skate park and concession stand; best of all, this thing is free to the public. That is some crazy. When I was a kid, I remember there were no parks with little league fields. If kids wanted to play baseball during the off season, it was a vacant lot or nothing. On the other side of the spectrum is the Wildlife World Zoo, which while not free, offers loads of great activities for kids including Safari Camp. This hands-on learning experience lets kids get up close with Arizona’s largest exotic animal collection, they can learn about exotic animal training, participate in animal feedings and learn about zoological careers. It’s cool, and something I would have loved as a kid.

Most of the Year is Awesome

Alright, it is still Arizona, which means the summers can be especially cruel, this is sort of a known factor. What isn’t as wide spread being how little a period that is. The summer heat has largely passed by August, and doesn’t really start until June. That’s two, maybe three months of especially cruel heat. Let there be no mistake, it will get hot, but you will not be dealing with 100-degree winter days. Much of the rest of the year is nice, average highs hovering right around the low 80s. If the heat never bothered you anyway, Goodyear is a great fit. If only for two months out of the year.

Goodyear is a great place for kids, it has loads of activities to fill their summer, and many of the best ones are free. It is a short commute to both Phoenix and Glendale, which makes it an ideal commuter city. It is a spectacular place to call home, and I know you’ll be happy here.

If after you move out, you find that you have way more stuff than you thought, or you just start acquiring more stuff, you might need to get a self-storage unit. There are drive up and climate controlled units available. I personally would opt for the climate controlled units, if only to take advantage of the fixed cost air conditioning for the summer. Go check them out!

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