Home Make Over: Backyard Edition

backyard with green grass

Remember those old summer days? You’d run and play in the backyard, maybe hang in a hammock and look at the stars; catch fireflies in jars and be disappointed when they died after you didn’t poke holes in the jar lid. While summer has come to an end, that does not mean that you cannot begin prepping for your summer nights. If you are anything like me, then the idea of starting a backyard project, well really any project, is daunting. To ease into it, let’s just start with a couple of ideas.


Backyard Garden

You might already have a garden, but I don’t mean like flowery bushes and a little patch of clover. No, if we are going this angle we are going big. I mean berry bushes, jalapeno plants, herbs and spices. I suggest this for the dual reason of it is much cheaper to grow your own berries than it would be to buy them. Much more importantly, picking berries in my grandpa’s backyard was, and still is, one of my favorite summer activities. Though that might be clouded by him paying me half my age an hour to pick berries, it just got more lucrative as I got older.


Water Fountain

I feel like when most people hear water feature they think some expensive fountain or pool that will have to be constantly maintained and cared for. Not so. My parents had what really amounted to a hole filled with water, I mean it was a little more well maintained than that, but all manner of frogs and small fish lived in this tiny pond. Remember when I say pond here I really mean puddle. It was a cute little thing which let my brother and I run around catching fireflies. Because yes, fireflies love the water.


Shed in a Backyard

I know this one sounds a bit odd, but that small house that you have in your backyard is not meant to be occupied by little fairies and mystical creatures. Or more realistically over run with weeds and mold. It can be used to store backyard maintenance equipment, like the lawnmower, garden sheers, fertilizer, and watering tools. Your shed will become much more important if you decide to undertake planting a real garden. That will become your base of operations, where you come up with your weed elimination strategy, and store the weapons of garden warfare. If you don’t have one, it might make more sense to start here than anywhere else. Just be sure to be in compliance with your HOA if that is a concern for you. Need help with shed organization? I got you covered.


Backyard Walkway

Odds are, that if you are considering a backyard make over, you either have a simple walkway, or want to build one. That’s really a great place to start and adds a good amount of home value. Just again be sure to start with a plan and remember this is a task that you can take on yourself – although it is much easier if you can get a couple of buddies to help for a weekend. Just remember that if your friends come to help, you must help when they ask later. It is also your job to provide drinks and pizza, probably smart to make a playlist too.

These are just a couple of places to get started. The home project equivalent of testing the waters. Do remember your friends at Storage Solutions if you need a short-term storage option during this time. This is most often the case for backyard walkway projects but remember that everything takes longer than you think it will before you’ve even started on it.

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