How to Setup a Music Room

If you love music and play an instrument, finding your own place to be creative can be a challenge sometimes. If you’ve got extra space at home, you can set up a music room to give yourself a place to jam. Dedicating an area of your home to music might come with some resistance from other family members or even the neighbors. Use this helpful guide to get you on your way to creating a music room at home that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Keep Soundproofing in Mind

sound proof music room

Playing instruments can be loud, which will probably disturb your roommates, family, or neighbors. To fix this issue, you’ll need to consider the proximity of the room to other people. If there’s a wall between the music room and another room, you’re guaranteed to disturb the person next door. Eggcrate foam doesn’t do a whole lot to muffle the sound of live music. Try adding another layer of drywall to each wall of the room and fill the gap with insulation. Another tip? If you have brick walls, this is an excellent sound barrier. The key is to choose a room with either decent insulation or one that’s easy to make soundproof before you start your next jam session.

Decorating Your Space

decorations for music room

Make your music room super-cool with a few unique décor ideas. First, hang a shelf or two on the wall and display some of your favorite vinyl records on it. Hang guitars and other instruments on the wall using a durable hook so they do double-duty and serve as a fun piece of décor. Paint the room with bold, bright colors to keep the creative vibes flowing. If you have a few favorite musicians, hang a framed poster of each on the walls for a cool source of inspiration. Just make sure whatever you hang up won’t interfere with the acoustics of the room. It might take a few times of playing to determine where you should display your décor without interfering with the sound.

Finish it with Furniture

fully furnished functional music room

Complete your new music room at home with lots of comfortable furniture. A large couch for lounging is perfect when friends come over to hear you play or just want to hang out. Add a durable coffee table to the room so there’s a spot for everyone to sit down their drinks and snacks. If you have space, a couple of ottomans are another great choice. Ottomans not only look cool, but they also serve as extra seating and give people a place to prop up their feet. Use the closet as musical instrument storage to keep the room free and open. Whether you plan to play alone or with friends, make sure you have enough chairs so people can sit down as they practice playing.

No matter what kind of music you like or what instrument you play, you can set up a music room at home to give you a separate space to jam out and practice. Use these helpful tips so you can transform that extra room into a musician’s paradise.

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