How to Survive Living in an RV

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Whether you are foregoing a traditional home, or just taking a cross-country trip, living in an RV is tricky. And that might be putting it mildly. You will be in close quarters with a couple of people, in a rolling wind-hazard with a bunch of fuse boxes and pipes that are waiting to explode any minute. Pretty much a house on wheels, a mobile home if you will. It can look like a daunting task, and it is tricky when you aren’t sure what you need or what you need to know. Worry not, my friends, because here are a few of the things you should know and have before you leave on your RV adventure.

Cut Your Packing List in Half

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No, less than that. Think about how much stuff you think you need, and bring about a third of that. RV storage is at a premium and everything that needs to be stored needs to be easily accessible, and you need to know where that stuff is. Best way to handle that is to travel light, if you think you are going to need ten shirts, you should probably just bring three. It’s the best way to manage the space.

Communication is Key

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You are going to be stuck in an aluminum case of emotion, tensions can and will run high if you and everyone else on the RV do not properly communicate. If something is bothering you, or you are stressed out, talk about it. It will go a long way for your future happiness, and will make your future relationships much closer and more intimate.

Everything has a Place


Storing stuff in an RV is like a real-life game of Tetris, except the lines don’t disappear at the bottom and there are always those long thin pieces. The reason everything needs a place is simple, unlike in a house if something isn’t secure there’s no real punishment. In an RV on the other hand, if something isn’t secure it is going to fall. That isn’t a question, the only question is how big of a mess will it make. Save yourself the headache, and secure your stuff.

Share the Drive

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If you are planning on doing RV life full time, or you are planning a sizable cross-country trip, be sure to share the drive. It is an incredibly simple gesture to show that you appreciate the people that you are traveling with, it decreases the risk of accidents, and it offers an opportunity to make the other people in the camp grounds green with envy. Isn’t that really the goal anyway?

Take Test Runs

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It might be tempting to go for the biggest and newest RV you can find on the market, but it might be smart to check to see if that is way too much space for you. Some people thrive in A-class, others do much better in B-class. Know what you need, and know how many people you are traveling with, and make your selection appropriately.

There’s an App for That

Mobile apps

There are RVing apps, and you will want a couple. They range from campground finders to gas station deals and coupon cutters. Take advantage of what you can because the tools are right at your fingertips. Made even better is that most of them are free.

RV traveling can be a lot of fun, and RV lifestyles can be even better. But you need to make sure that you prepare for it. Know yourself, and know your traveling partners. Be sure to communicate and stay organized, if you do your next adventure will be a great one.

If you are switching to an RV lifestyle, but aren’t quite ready to part with everything you own, self-storage offers the perfect solution for all your storage needs . Whether you need climate control or a place to keep your RV during the off-season, be sure to consider a solution that is right for you!

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