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Every year, it is the same story. You had a great costume idea, it was going to change the game forever. Then it’s two days before Halloween, you don’t have time to make your costume, but you promised your friends something they had never seen before for Halloween. This very promise, combined with your desire to not be called out for being a liar, prevents you from just wearing the same thing as last year. What you need is a last-minute Halloween costume. Let me tell you, I am here to deliver. Here are a couple of little utilized last-minute costumes.


This simple costume transforms you into the famous Vermeer painting. A brown shawl, a blue and yellow head wrap, red lipstick, and of course a pearl earring completes the ensemble. For the perfect effect, constantly look over your shoulder. You’ll be a dead ringer for the piece.


Odds are you have all the parts for this costume in storage. Except maybe a red slushie Big Gulp, or hopefully you don’t have one in storage. At any rate, a pair of slightly ripped jeans and a striped yellow t-shirt is all you really need. Maybe a hair tie to do the loosest, sloppiest looking ponytail you can manage.


You know her as Audrey Hepburn from the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Odds are you have all the pieces for this costume too. A little black dress, a toy tiara, maybe some elbow length gloves and you are all set and ready to go. Besides, who doesn’t dream of being Audrey Hepburn?


In this, the age of LEGO movies, know comfortably that you can easily go as everyone’s favorite piece. The incredibly versatile and stately standard six-stud piece. This costume can be easily made from a box and some old bowls. Get some paint, and you’ll have everything you need to complete the ensemble. For the totally standard piece though, you’ll want to go with pale, somewhat faded yellow.


There are few movie moments quite so universally known as Tom Cruise dancing in a white work shirt and boxers. It is a simple costume that you already have ready to go, all you need is a white shirt, might want to grab some sunglasses. Overall, this is my favorite costume, because it is definitely one that can be put together at the real last minute.


The last pun that I have for this list, and the final idea: cereal killer. As a fun fact, my word processor wants to correct this because it identifies that the term cereal is wrong here. Anyway, get a box of your favorite cereal, or least favorite to make it more believable, and stab it with a knife or a pair of scissors. Walk around the party and every so often re-stab the box. It’s a good gag, and it’ll turn a few heads.

These are just a couple of good places to get started, odds are you have all the things for all these costumes. You might need to dive into your storage unit to find a couple of the pieces, but you’ll manage to keep your word. You will have changed the Halloween game into either a culture war or a pun contest. That’s the real Spirit of Halloween.

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