Making a Children’s Chore Chart

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Having your kids help out around the house can be a challenge, but with a little organization, you can make chore time more productive and fun for the entire family. Teaching your children to do various house chores not only instills a good work ethic, but it also shows kids just how much work goes into maintaining a household. You can make the chore process easier with a little help from a chore chart. This organizational tool can make household chores simple and maybe even a little bit of fun.

Start with Organizing Chores by Age

Depending on how old your kids are, you’ll need to divvy up their chores based on their age. Not every child can perform certain chores, so it’s important to split them up properly depending on their age to make things easier. For example, your five-year-old probably can’t handle doing a load of laundry, but your eleven-year-old certainly can. Make sure the chores are evenly delegated and be sure to create various categories of chores based on each child’s age to make things fairer.

Let your Kids Create Their Chart

Admittedly, no one enjoys doing chores. You can make the process more enjoyable and have your kids more involved when you allow them to create their own chore chart. Pick out some colorful construction paper, use bright markers, and you can even add a few embellishments like glitter to the chart. If you get the whole family involved, chore time will transform from something everyone dreads to something they look forward to doing. Let the kids have fun and get creative with their chore charts, and then decide where to display them in a prominent area.

Decide on Rewards and Punishment

Since the purpose of your chore chart is to ensure that each child does what they’re supposed to, it’s essential to have some type of reinforcement in place. A positive reward for doing daily or weekly chores can be anything from a small allowance to buying their favorite ice cream or scheduling a family movie night. Alternatively, it’s important to instill a consequence when chores don’t get done. This can be anything from taking away computer time to enforcing early bedtime. While there are always circumstances beyond everyone’s control, having your kids stick to their weekly chore schedule is absolutely essential.

Always Lead by Example

Once you’ve started to use your chore chart, remember that as the parent, you must lead by example and do your part. Make sure your kids see you helping out around the home as much as possible, and you can even offer to help them complete their own chores from time to time. Keep in mind that children will often follow their parent’s lead, so your actions are really the key to their success. Most kids learn by watching and doing, so make sure that household chore time is a family affair whenever possible.

A regular schedule will give your kids some structure, and it will give you some peace of mind. Using a chore chart is an essential tool in your parenting repertoire to make sure that your house is a happy, responsible one.

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