Picking the Pieces Up

2019 on horizon

New Year, new you. That’s what they say isn’t it. Trouble is, you can’t make something entirely new without destroying at least a part of what already was. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just a true thing. Sometimes you need to tear down a fence to fix it. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard once said, “That is not failure. That is life.” Sure, he was talking about doing everything correctly, and things not turning out perfectly, but that is a good quote and I like it. Today, we are going to pick up some pieces. Help make you a better version of yourself.


While setting the goal is a noble endeavor, a goal without a plan is little more than a wish. You know what your end goal is but recognizing the things you need to do to make it a reality is just as, if not more important. If your New Year’s Resolution is to lose some weight, signing up for the gym is a great step, but going does more. If you need an extra push, it might help to get put away the things that keep you at home (link). Don’t go and throw everything away, instead, give your new routine a fighting chance and put the distractions away for a month or so.


Sort of the opposite of a, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I guess it really isn’t, more like taking an un-maintained car to the salvage yard. You know you should’ve done it earlier, but pride got the best of you. It always got the best of me. If everything were going exactly the way you wanted, there would be no need for the resolution. Find your weaknesses, whatever your resolution, find what is holding you back and address the problem, and eliminate it when possible.


There is nothing wrong with needing help, a person is weak, but people are strong. Join a group with similar goals. Odds are in your area there are book clubs, running groups, movie clubs, probably a whole slew of other things too. Yes, you will need to meet new people, and if that was the resolution, then this is an easy win. Either coming together with your friends towards a common goal or building a new group for this task will increase your accountability and make you more likely to succeed.


I know I just told you to make friends and be part of a community. You still should be, but that doesn’t mean everyone should know what your goals are. In a recent study, it was found that people who are very public about their goals are less likely to achieve them. Yes, you can tell your friends that you want to run more, probably shouldn’t tell them that you plan on doing the New York Marathon. Announce your victories as they come. Celebrate them when you can but be sure to keep the goal in sight.

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