Securing Your Spare Keys

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It’s hardly uncommon to lose or forget your keys somewhere. Because of that, it’s worth having a back-up plan so you won’t have to suffer while waiting for someone to bring you a spare or the expense of having to call up a locksmith and then possibly waiting around for hours until the locksmith arrives. Hiding a spare key you can access at any time is a workable solution, but it could also be exactly what a potential intruder would be expecting you to do. Also, the chances are excellent that the intruder will look for it in some of the more likely places. Here are some of the worst and best places you can consider as a storage space for your spare keys.

The worst places:

  1. Under the welcome mat.
  2. Under a nearby plant.
  3. In a fake rock.
  4. Near the door.

All of these places are the first checks for potential intruders, which makes them the last place you want to store your keys. Instead, think of the places you’d be less inclined to check immediately as an intruder. Here are a couple of places I’d recommend hiding them.

The best places:

Flag Box Mailbox Mail Metallic Red Letter
  1. Keep it in your car. Your car is a great place to store a spare key because it’s locked away and often gone when you are not home. An intruder who comes around looking for a spare key while you are at work will be completely out of luck. If you want to be able to access the spare even when you can’t get into your car, consider getting a hitch lock for storage, or fixing the key to the wheel well (just make very sure it’s secure).
  2. Nail the key to a tree in the yard (if you have a lot of trees). Obviously, you want to make sure the key isn’t obviously visible, so pick a spot that’s inconspicuous. Think like Boo Radley, and hide it in a nook in the tree; don’t know that I have ever found something in a nook in a tree.
  3. Hide it in the neighbor’s yard. This option requires some trust because it wouldn’t be a good idea to do this without your neighbor knowing about it. Also, make sure that you can easily step onto your neighbor’s property without setting off an alarm—especially if you need to go and fetch your key late at night.
  4. Tape it underneath your mailbox. Intruders might think of looking in your mailbox, but you should be safe if you tape a key under it. Your best bet is to cover the key completely with tape so even feeling under the mailbox won’t necessarily reveal the key to a potential intruder.
  5. Hide it in the backyard. Make sure you hide the spare somewhere that is out of the way, where no one will randomly find it. Look for structures in your yard that could hold the key so it’s in a place that is easy for you to remember.

Think outside the box as much as possible. If there is a hide-a-key solution product, steer clear of it. You may as well keep the door unlocked for unwelcome guests. Find a unique location, something that only you, and those who must know, could think of. Your key will be safe, and you’ll easily be able to get inside your home in an emergency.

When you’re searching for a place to hide a spare key, it’s important to get creative. Try to think the way an intruder is likely to think and hide it where you’ll know exactly where to find it and without too much difficulty. Home is where you want to feel the safest, so follow these tips to keep your spare key out of anyone else’s hands!

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