Self Storage Tips for Military Families

Military family

Regularly moving to a new area, or even a different country, is part of the job description for those in the military.   Though this relocation may be expected, it doesn’t make the upheaval any easier to deal with.  As time goes on, and your family grows, you are bound to accumulate more belongings.  This means more to pack, more to store and more to think about.

When placing your worldly goods into secure storage, there are many things to consider.  Thankfully, today’s storage companies have fantastic facilities and a wide variety of units to suit any family’s needs.  To help keep everything from photos to furniture safe, here are some handy hints:

Large Items

Although you can’t place your three-seater sofa or your dining table in a box, you can certainly help protect it.  By wrapping upholstered furniture in plastic, you can prevent any scuffs which might occur in transit.  For tables, cabinets, and chests of drawers, the corners are the most likely to succumb to damage so be sure to add padding to these vulnerable areas.

If the kitchen in your new home comes complete with appliances, you will need to place your large electrical items in storage. Before moving, ensure that any water is drained out of your washing machine and dishwasher, and that your freezer is thoroughly defrosted, clean and dry. A good solution for protecting these high-price items in transit and in storage is to use moving blankets. However, do try to avoid stacking electrical items to avoid any accidents.



Depending on the climate of where you are moving to, you may want to store any items of unnecessary clothing.  Consider carefully what you will actually need.  Why take all four pairs of black shoes when one will do?  Do you really want to be weighed down by all those accessories?

Although it is more expensive than cardboard, plastic packaging is a sound investment when it comes to clothing.  Moisture and bugs can wreck your favorite sweaters and destroy your best leather jacket, but plastic can provide much-needed protection against these menaces and more.  To save space, consider using vacuum storage bags for soft clothing like t-shirts and jumpers, and stackable boxes for items such as hats and shoes.


Valuables don’t necessarily have to be expensive items.  Sometimes a framed photograph, or an ancestor’s medals can be the dearest thing to you.  To avoid those precious things getting damaged, ensure you pack them in smaller boxes, thereby avoiding the likelihood of any larger, heavy items being placed on top of them.

For any special items, such as collections, protect them from any potential damage from the elements by packing them in airtight boxes.  Remember, it is these most cherished items that you will want to be able to find easily, so place them right at the front of the secure storage unit.


Military personnel are more aware than most of the importance of keeping any documents containing personal and financial details secure.  A filing cabinet can be a worthwhile investment for these items.  Not only will it allow you to keep your paperwork under lock and key, but it will also help you keep it organized in labeled folders, so you can easily lay your hands on it when needed.

Home Entertainment

Games consoles, computer games, tablets and musical instruments are all susceptible to extreme changes in temperature and humidity.  If you were to store them in a friend’s garage, they would be likely to suffer.  For items such as these, modern storage companies can offer a solution. By choosing a temperature-controlled storage unit, you can be safe in the knowledge that your belongings will remain in pristine condition.

indoor storage units

Keep it All Together

To make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible, it is worth doing your research to find a storage company that can cater for all your needs.  Many of them offer a removal service, which makes coordination easy.  If you don’t need to take your car with you, some companies even offer storage for vehicles.  With all your possessions under one roof, you are sure to have greater peace of mind.



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