Sheds: The Garage of the Backyard

Outdoor storage room

Something I remember clearly as a kid is a “pick one” problem, they were these things where you had two options and you had to pick one, and no matter you did the other would be bad. Like you can either live some place cheap or close to work, you cannot do both. The same thought can be applied to sheds, well sort of. You can either have an open garage by having a shed, or you can have an organized shed by putting a lot of stuff in the garage. Trouble is, that isn’t a real problem. With a little bit of thought, and a little planning, you can easily transform your shed into a well-oiled machine of efficiency. More realistically, it’ll be better than what you have.

Peg Boards

Tools in pegboard

When organizing anything that involves tools or gadgets, my first stop is a peg board. They make everything that you use be plainly visible, and everything has a place. They don’t take up a lot of space and are as versatile as you allow them to be. If you have no other ideas on where to start getting things off the floor of your shed, this is a good opening move.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great next step, it’s a great way to store some of the lighter, smaller things that are taking up space in the shed. It is important to remember not to treat these as a junk drawer. They can only support so much weight before they collapse, and might take a chunk of the wall they are in with them. They have a place in your shed organization scheme, and they need to be treated with that in mind.

Door Mounted Storage

Over door storage

It is easy to forget that your shed is not your garage, you can use the door as an extra storage space with hooks or shelves. Just be extra sure that the shelves and the things on them are stable. The last thing you need is stuff flying of the wall, literally, every time you open your shed. That won’t happen to you, because you are taking the appropriate steps to protect your stuff.

Hang the Wheelbarrow


This is probably the single most awkward thing in any given shed. It takes up a lot of space, is oddly shaped and worst of all they are not used all that often. Something I think a lot of people would get use out of is hanging the wheelbarrow on a sturdy hook, this might require a bit of a DIY project, but nothing in life worth doing is easy.

Use That Vertical Space

Hanging pots

If you have a tall enough shed, or you are a short enough person, you can make use of the vertical space by creating some shelves to put stuff on or by putting hangers on the ceiling. Your choice really. Overall, the plan is to make your shed navigable. Choose the solution that is right for you.

Organizing your shed is probably going to be a massive undertaking, and require a couple days of concerted effort, and that’s ok because it will be worth it in the end. No longer will you need to be very specific when asking for something the shed, and everything will have a place and be in it when you need it.

If during this shed organizational process, you need a place to store your stuff, or you just happen to have a lot of things that you don’t need year-round but want to hold onto, it might be smart to look into a self-storage solution near you.

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