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Desert Park

It’s no secret that Phoenix has been going through a bit of a rapid expansion in all directions. Suburbs are popping up in every corner of the Arizona map, and honestly if this trend continues the way it has been it won’t be long before Phoenix takes over most of southern Arizona. While that somewhat dystopic view is still at least a few decades in-front of us – I hope – if you are working in Phoenix, now has never been a better time to find a suburban community to hang your hat. One of the more interesting ones is San Tan Valley. Here are just a few reasons you should consider making a life in this idyllic little hamlet.

Cost of Living is Cheap

While you can’t quite buy a mansion with the average Phoenix paycheck while living in San Tan, it’s close. While the average rent of an apartment is a touch higher than in Phoenix, the average size of these spaces is also considerably larger. Combine that with the cheaper grocery prices and medical and you’ve suddenly got yourself a contender for reasons to get out of Phoenix today. There is of course, a tiny catch, as there always will be when something sounds too good to be true. The amount of closet and storage space in the average San Tan Valley home is lacking. If you find yourself having been used to cabinets and closets on every wall and behind every door, you might be a bit disappointed with San Tan Valley. Worry not dear reader, as there is a solution to your problem, and it is obvious – get a self-storage unit. Not only will this solve your need for storage, odds are it is a climate controlled unit. So, on those hot days where you just don’t feel like doing anything, swing by the unit, check on your stuff, and have a beer with some buddies.

There is So Much Stuff to Do

For those who need a day of luxury, there is Encanterra, a luxury resort that features a 60,000-square foot club, 18-hole championship golf course. This is before, of course, the luxury spa amenities and fine dining options that this resort has to offer the average patron. If you though living out in boonies meant giving up the highlife, think again. If, however, you need something a little more rustic, Schnepf Farms might very well be the activity for you. There you can experience life as a ranch hand, ride horses, clean stables, experience life as it is on a farm. Sometimes it feels good just to get your hands dirty every now and again. If hiking is more your speed, the Lost Goldmine Trail might be the place for you, offering difficulty levels from novice to professional, it has options for every skill level and mood for the day.

San Tan Valley is a quaint little spot full of potential. Not lacking for big city amenities, the way some other Phoenix suburbs do, this little town feels incredibly full the moment you call it home. Come give us a visit, and I’m sure you will see the beauty of this little town.

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