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Believe it or not, it is difficult to not write a pun title when the location you are writing about is Surprise, Arizona. No seriously, that is the name of a city in Arizona. A group of people got together, looked at a plot of land and thought, “you know what we should call this place? Surprise!” While I joke, and I do joke often. Surprise is a great place, which, unsurprisingly, makes the transition to a desert lifestyle a much easier pill to swallow. If this is a place you’ve never heard of, well you’re in for…well…you know.

Family Friendly

One of the first things that I look into when I research a new location, besides whether or not it has stuff to do, is whether or not this would be a good place to bring kids. Honestly? Seriously. Google it right now. The first result is what the Dive-in Movie at the Surprise Aquatic Center is going to be. I mean, I know that it’s summer and all, but that’s a family event. Everything after that are for special interest classes living weaving and woodworking. That’s crazy.

It is Expanding Rapidly

Seriously, it was a small town in 2000, in fact small town doesn’t even cover it. It was hardly a village sitting strong with a population of 30,000 according to the 2000 census. It is now estimated to have just over four times that population in eighteen years. That’s insanity in terms of population growth rates, and what does that mean for Surprise? Businesses are starting to look at the area, and are moving in fast to take advantage of an otherwise untapped market. If you were an industrious business person, this would make for either a good test market or a solid first market. If you want to open a franchise of a popular chain, there are worse places to choose than Surprise.

Amazing School Districts

If you are moving with kids, and these days who isn’t moving with kids? Surprise has a lot of great schools, the Dysart unified school district as one great example will suit your child well from diapers until graduation. If you want the best for your child throughout their educational journey, there are a wide variety of private and charter school options throughout the area.

Vibrant Nightlife

This is the one I found the most shocking, this family friendly town has an active and vibrant nightlife, both independently and due to its proximity to Glendale which really gives access to a whole new world of activities to do. There is something to be said about the wide array of options, from bars, hookah or just the standard dance club. These things are available in Surprise, AZ.

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