Ten Uses for Your Self-Storage Unit

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Storage units are ubiquitous when it comes to packing away excess furniture and other items that don’t seem to fit around the house. Given their safe and secure premises, as well as their precise build and construction, however, storage units can be much more than a dumping ground for unwanted belongings or a suitably secure place to keep your valuables.

Here are ten common alternative uses for your self-storage unit:

Personal Gym. With the privacy that storage units provide, equipping your unit with weights and other exercise equipment can make for an excellent private gym.

Workshop. Short for space at home? Does your spouse have other plans for your existing workshop space? Moving it off-site to a self-storage unit allows you to maintain your workshop as you’d like. Plus, taking your workshop activities off-site means taking any potential disruptions off-site as well, minimizing tensions with neighbors and, more importantly, the people in your own home.

Art Gallery. Are you an artist in need of storage space for your craft? Converting a self-storage unit into your private art gallery not only affords you unlimited space potential, but it ensures your work is kept safe and secure since storage facilities are actively monitored.

Studio. If your rock band has outgrown your parents’ garage (or outstayed its welcome), a storage unit can provide a safe place for you and your band mates to jam. And since the unit is secure, your precious gear will be kept safe.

Reading/Writing Room. Since storage units can be furnished to your specifications, they make an excellent off-site reading or writing room. Or both. Best part: nobody will bug you.

Office Space. If you run your own small business, depending on your situation at home, finding office space can be a challenge. Given the low costs of renting a storage unit versus renting commercial real estate, converting a storage unit into your private office space makes a lot of sense for many small business owners.

Man cave. Need a private escape, just a little out of arm’s reach of your home? Turning a storage unit into a man cave isn’t as uncommon as you might think!

Dance Room. Since a fully-equipped dance studio might be outside the financial reach of many dancers or parents of children with big dance ambitions, consider converting a storage unit into a dance room. Since units can be customized by size and decor, they make for quiet, private dance rooms, allowing for hours of uninterrupted rehearsal at a fraction of the cost of studio rentals.

Demonstration Studio. Need space for your products or culinary demonstrations? A private area to educate clients, prospects, or students? Converting your storage unit into a demonstration studio affords you all the conveniences of a traditional classroom, but on your terms, specifications, and at a better cost!

Emergency Storage. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, having prearranged access to a self-storage might prove invaluable. Since times of high demand can result in a lack of vacancy, it’s important to arrange for your storage unit ahead of time, even if it means leaving it empty. Since natural disasters rarely offer an advanced warning, use your storage unit to store non-perishable foods, emergency supplies, or even those valuables you don’t want to risk losing.

Many of the alternatives listed above rely on assumptions about construction and amenities such as secured access, electricity, and surveillance. Check in with your local office and book a private visit to see just how easily you can convert one of our self-storage units into the kind of space that will suit you!

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