The Do’s and Don’ts of Organizing Your Home

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Learning how to declutter is an art that any homeowner can master with a little practice and determination. Firstly, to get started, you should know the best practices of house cleaning, including the do’s and don’ts of organizing your home. Thankfully, these pieces of advice aren’t difficult to follow. You just need to keep them in mind, while you’re working away, to organize as quickly and effectively as possible.

Keep reading for all our favorite tips and feel like a professional organizer as you tidy up, declutter, and create a functional dwelling for yourself and your family.

DON’T Try to Tackle Everything at Once

In the fight against clutter, you need to divide and conquer. Never try to clean your entire home at once. Instead of ending up with a sparkly clean house, you’ll find yourself flopped on the sofa, feeling completely burnt out and unable to find the motivation to go on.

DO Have a Plan of Action

Before you begin house cleaning, draft a to-do list for which rooms and storage areas you’ll tidy up and declutter, ordered by their priority. Be detailed and include notes on which problem spots require the most urgent attention. Then, enlist your partner (and kids if you have them) to help out!

DO Finish Each Task to Completion

If you set out to complete a task on your to-do list, it’s important that you finish it before moving on or taking a break. Take pride in your house and your work to create a clean, organized living space. By letting things slide or having a poor attitude, you’re lowering the chances of creating a home that you love living in. So, put on some upbeat music and get cleaning!

DON’T Buy Organizers Before You Declutter

Never buy storage organizers before you purge items in your closet, cupboards, garage, basement, or other high-clutter areas of the home. Without decluttering, you won’t actually have the full picture of which organizers you need, so you risk choosing storage options that don’t match your needs.

DON’T Hold on to Items You Don’t Need

If you haven’t used an item in over a year, chances are you won’t start treasuring it in the future. So, instead of keeping that neglected waffle iron or out-of-style jean jacket, why not donate them to charity? Someone else might love them! Plus, when you have less stuff in your home, it’s much easier to reduce clutter and boost the organization levels.

DO Remember that Real Life Isn’t Pinterest

Once you’re finished decluttering, the reality is your home probably won’t look like the clutter-free domestic paradises that you see on sites like Pinterest. After all, even if your family is helping to declutter and clean, they aren’t an expert team who tidies up homes for living. However, if that’s the pristine aesthetic you’re after, you can always hire a professional organizer to help out!

We hope this list of best practices helps you create the beautifully organized home of your dreams. When it comes to house cleaning, what are your personal do’s and don’ts? Let us know your thoughts on how to declutter and tidy up like a pro!

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