Upcoming Food Festivals Around Mesa, Arizona

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Life in the suburbs isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Yes, it is cheaper to live there, and quieter, and generally cleaner, and safer, but it lacks the hustle and bustle of activity that the city has to offer. That changes this time of year, however, because this time of year is food festival season. Where all the delicious foods from the world over descend upon the small corners of every borough. While a good number of these are a little out of the way, there is no drive too far for delicious food. Here are our recommendations for food festivals around Mesa, Arizona.

Arizona Aloha Festival

Ever wonder why there never seems to be a South Pacific restaurant near you, even though you know one of their signature dishes is a whole slow roasted pig and that sounds delicious? Maybe not, but the Arizona Aloha Festival in Tempe Beach Park March 9 and 10 offers the opportunity to try classic South Pacific cuisine. The festival also features storytelling, a marketplace, and live performances; in a way it is the next best thing to a Hawaiian vacation, and there is never a bad time for a Hawaiian vacation.

Burger Battle


This local Scottsdale event pits some of the Valley’s best burger masters against each other. On March 22 at the Scottsdale Waterfront watch and select the winner of the People’s Choice Award. For an admission price of $65 attendees get unlimited burger tastings, fries and shakes. There goes the New Years Resolution to lose weight. Festivities start at 7 and conclude at 9:30 and is open to all ages.

Arizona Wine & Dine

Another event taking place in Scottsdale, but this one in Scottsdale Quarter. 20 chefs from local restaurants come together to provide one of the most spectacular days of eating that can be imagined. While this event is not open to attendees under 21, the wine and live entertainment make for a special night out for couples.

My Nana’s Best Tasting Salsa Challenge

Phoenix area chefs compete to find out who makes the best tasting salsa, and you know who the winner is every year? Everyone who shows up, because there is unlimited delicious salsa. There is not a downside in sight. If chowing down on the best salsa that Arizona has to offer doesn’t sound awesome, there is also live music, a Margarita Mix-Off and a 5k. Tickets are on sale now and also available at the event.

French Fry & Music Festival

This one is shocking, only because it feels like it should have existed for decades, combining two of the greatest things to ever exist. French fries and a music festival, like chocolate and peanut butter, they just work together. This year marks the inaugural French Fry and Music Festival. On April 20th, 20 fry vendors descend upon Margaret T. Hance Park from 2 to 10 PM. Tickets are $15 in advance, and it really sounds like it is one of the best purchases that could be made for $15.

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