When to Clear Out a Storage Unit

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We have talked about why you might need a storage unit, and we have also talked about how to organize your storage space. Now It is time to talk about the least fun aspect of storage, or life generally if we are being perfectly honest. Knowing when the time has come to part with some of your little treasures. While you might have thought that finding the Storage Solution that is right for you would be the end of it, that is just the beginning. In this post we will talk about how to most effectively identify when the time has come to consider taking something out of storage and out of your life.


Know how sometimes you will visit the unit, and there will be this fine layer of dust on things. Sure it gets swept to the side when you are looking through your boxes for whatever you were looking for. But that is only true for the box you were looking for. There is almost always that box, sequestered away in the corner. The black-sheep box filled with things that you aren’t entirely sure what they are for. That box, and probably the ones immediately surrounding it can probably be safely donated. Odds are you forgot out that box many moons ago.


Whether they be children or grandchildren, there is a time when the community comes together to give the new parent the stuff that they had for their children. This is a time honored tradition, and one that shouldn’t go anywhere anytime soon. Odds are, you have a box or two of baby clothes in storage, you wouldn’t toss them. Baby clothes are expensive and often only get a wear or two. What you can do at this point, and honestly what you were planning to do at this point is to help lighten the load on the new parent by giving them the clothes that you had stored away for years. The time has come, don’t forget about what you had stored.


Parents always hold onto a great deal of their kids stuff while they are going through school, and for good reason. It is hard to know what the children truly care about, whether it be the stuffed animal or the award for perfect attendance from third grade. The upside? The kids know what is important to them, and now they are grown enough to have their own space. Whether you wait to the end of high school or the end of their PhD program, there is no reason that you should need to hold onto their childhood mementos forever.


As is often the case, sometimes the best reasons are the simplest. Maybe it is just time to go through your storage unit and figure out what it is that you don’t really need. Whether it be because you haven’t used that second lawn mower or because it turns out you abandoned woodworking entirely there are a million reasons that life gets in the way of the best laid plans. Take the time to figure out what those reasons are, and go to your storage unit with a purpose, and you will never be disappointed.

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